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Spotlas Photolocations Web Theme Free Download

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Download Spotlas Photolocations Web Theme Free


Spotlas Photolocations Web Theme
Published: Feb 11, 2018
File Size: 3.75 MB
Hi DPI Ready
Layout: Responsive

Description: Spotlas Photolocations Web Theme
Spotlas a theme for collecting photolocations & keep them secret behind a login. Made from a photographer for photographers.

This theme offers the following features:


The Theme can only be used by authentificated users & shows a login which gives the main functionallity after a successful login.


For the mainuser which is the administrator the theme gives an useradministration where users can be added or edited.


The Gridview lists all locations with the most important informations.


The main view shows a map where the locations are shown with markers. If there are more than one location very close to another it shows a cluster. By clicking a cluster the map zooms in & shows the markers of the locations. By clicking a marker a infowindow opens with first location details & from there the location can be opened.

Add Location

New locations can be added threw the add location mask there you can upload pictures & the locationdetails. The position of the location can be added with gps data from the image itself, the current GPS location or manually.


In the locationdetails all informations of a location are shown, a map with the locationmarker, all location images & attributes like category, keywords, weather & seasons.

Share Location

You can share a location, too. If you selected this option a special link will be created which shows the location to non authenticated users.

Search Locations

The locations in the map & gridview can be filtered by there characteristics to show only locations which match the characteristics which are choosen in the search form.


You can set the language of spotlas to english or german in the themeoptions. Other languages will follow.


Spotlas can be used on all devices & display sizes. On mobile devices it can be added to the homescreen with a logo as webapp.


The default map view, an custom logo & the applicationlanguage can be configurated in the themeoptions.

This theme requires a standalone wordpress installation.

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