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Standard Issue Subtle Brushes for Ps Add-on Free Download

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Download Standard Issue Subtle Brushes for Ps Add-on Free


Standard Issue Subtle Brushes for Ps Add-on
Published: Aug 05, 2014
Applications Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 35.88 MB

Description: Standard Issue Subtle Brushes for Ps Add-on
An Essential Set of Subtle Brushes for Photoshop

These brushes will give your work insanely great looking subtle textures. Each brush was crafted carefully by hand using real source material. Then each brush was carefully edited for soft & subtle edges.

Watch a quick demo of everything you get here: https://vimeo.com/103007046

These brushes are so well made you won’t have to do any “clean up work”. No abrupt edges. In my own work I use these brushes on 95% of my projects. I never need other brushes!

Get it now for just $17! That’s less than 69 cents a brush! Plus, you get 3 incredible bonuses including the RetroSupply 3-Step Texture Formula. A 10 minute detailed video that will teach you the exact process I use on all my texture work.

Why Should You Uses Brushes to Distress Your Work?

Brushes are easily one of the best ways to give your work great textures.

In fact, when it’s done right the effects can be totally mind blowing.

However, there seems to be a huge misconception about how to effectively use brushes. Honestly, when they’re not used right they can make your work look REALLY BAD.

The Reason Most Designers Fail with Brushes

I’ve had a lot of people write me frustrated that they couldn’t get the same textures other designers achieved.

But here’s the real problem: Most brushes just aren’t made well. Go check out your brush library & you’ll probably find that most if not all of your brushes have hard edges. That means every time you use it you have to try to cover up that edge. That’s not fun!

It’s like you’re putting blobs of texture on your work : ( No bueno

The Secret of Getting Great Textures with Brushes

What if brushes were easy to use? You could just pick a brush, click it on your canvas & the results were beautiful & seamless?

The secret is using well made brushes. So what makes a great brush? Here’s the 3 things you should look for:

Carefully made edges that transition well. This makes it easy to use without doing “clean up”
Variations in sharpness of textures – these give you crisp realistic textures without being over the top
Careful consideration for subtlety – brushes that are too intense are hard to use

Grab the Standard Issue Subtle Brush Pack Today!

Getting great textures from your brushes isn’t a complicated process. You just need some easy to understand basic knowledge.

If you need a good set of subtle texture brushes this pack is for you. You’ll get a set of brushes you’ll find yourself using every day in your work. I have nearly 1000 brushes & this is the pack I use 95% of the time.

Here’s what you get:

Standard Issue Subtle Brushes ($27 value) 24 authentic subtle brushes from my personal supply. Each easy-to-use brush was carefully crafted to guarantee remarkable results.

Carefully crafted to blend with your work – no more “fixing” bad brushes.
Variations in sharpness & texture create a realistic effect – right out of the box.
Made very subtle – no more texture blobs!
A beautifully made Easy Reference PDF. No more guessing what brush you’re using!
Each brush measures between 700 – 999 pixels. Perfect for every day texture work. Need a bigger brush? Check out Bonus #4 – a collection of super gigantic subtle brushes!

Bonus #1 – Edge Brush Kit ($7) 7 brushes designed specifically for using on the edges of your work.

Bonus #2 – RetroSupply 3-Step Texture Formula Video Tutorial ($10 value) This 10 minute tutorial will show you the 3-step texture formula I use when I build up textures. Well organized & easy to scan if you want : ) Lots of people have told me step #3 is the real “secret sauce”.

Bonus #3 – Dustin’s Brush Picks ($10 value) A hand picked collection of my favorite brushes from previous RetroSupply products. These don’t have the same carefully crafted edges. But I still find myself coming back to them time & time again.

Bonus #4 – Super Gigantic Subtle Brush Set ($10 value) Got CS5 or above? Then you’ll love this Bonus collection of 10 Super Gigantic Brushes (2300px on average). Perfect for REALLY big subtle areas.

Don’t wait! Grab this special collection of brushes that make your work look awesome!

This brush pack would not be possible without some great advice from Liam McKay. Liam creates some of the best texture brushes you’ll find anywhere (grab his pack here – it’s a must have: http://crtv.mk/pfU5). Plus, he’s super generous with his time & knowledge. Thank you so much, Liam!

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