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Sea World Kit 3D Free Download

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Download Sea World Kit 3D Free


Sea World Kit 3D
Published: Mar 02, 2016
File Size: 30.92 MB
Object Count: 27

Description: Sea World Kit 3D
Sea World Kit is our very first low poly model kit, & comes packed with 27 models, including sea creatures, corals & more.

These models are good for prototyping, for use in an actual game, as a base to build upon on, as well as in any graphics-related designs (posters, infographics etc.)

Models shown in the images above are rendered with lighting for illustrative purposes
All models come with Targa textures (256 x 256, 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024, 2048 x 2048, 4096 x 4096)
All models come in FBX & OBJ formats. Basic colored materials included for OBJ models

Below are the items included with Sea World Kit currently:

Sea & shore (1253 polys)
Palm tree 1 (378 polys)
Cod (810 polys)
Hammerhead shark (1772 polys)
Colossal squid (1052 polys)
Coral – elkhorn (1008 polys)
Killer whale (932 polys)
Angler fish (1266 polys)
Sperm whale (908 polys)
Sea & shore 2 (768 polys)
Palm tree 2 (378 polys)
Flounder (680 polys)
Diver only (276 polys)
Diving Gear only (780 polys)
Diver + Gear (851 polys)
Common octopus (624 polys)
Coral – corky sea finger (246 polys)
Wahoo (844 polys)
Bottlenose dolphin (700 polys)
Great white shark (1222 polys)
Sea & shore 3 (3430 polys)
Sea turtle (778 polys)
Sea gull (1278 polys)
Cabin cruiser (1885 polys)
Coral – tube sponge (494 polys)
Coral – stony (807 polys)
Manta ray (316 polys)
Blue whale (1402 polys)
Portugese Man O War (1056 polys)

As this is our first product, we are offering this at an introductory price of only $9!

Visit our website for Free Model kits!

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