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PolyWorld: Woodland 3D Free Download

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Download PolyWorld: Woodland 3D Free


PolyWorld: Woodland 3D
Published: Jan 01, 1970
File Size: 5.02 MB
Industry: Games

Description: PolyWorld: Woodland 3D
PolyWorld: Woodland is a collection of architecture, foliage, clouds, & other props designed in the popular “low-poly” faceted art style.

This pack contains artwork reminiscent of a hillside village. It’s excellent for graphic design & games!


Tons of architectural prefabs assembled like Lego blocks.

Mesh decals like ivy & rocks add more detail

Modular walls & floors to bound & liven up your village.

Fencing, trees, plants, barrels, stumps, clouds, even treasure chests are all in the faceted style.

No textures! Everything is vertex colored.

*terrain not included. If you need to learn how to make terrain in your 3d app, email support.

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